A Time for Renewal

It’s time for new voices to be heard in Town Hall. It’s time to elect new leaders who can help guide Chapel Hill toward a more prosperous, sustainable, and inclusive future.

Our Town Council needs people who will make decisions based on facts and analysis rather than on myths and wishful thinking. We need leaders who can unite us around a common vision for improving the town and who will heal the rifts that now divide us.

Over the past 40 years, citizen involvement in town planning has helped Chapel Hill retain much of its beauty and charm, even as it doubled in size. Now, however, the town residents are being shut out of the process, and the quality of new development has suffered as a result.  It’s time, therefore, to restore residents’ place at the table and renew the town’s commitment to responsible stewardship. It’s time for us to come together and recommit ourselves to protect the town’s land and waters and to nurture a community in which we all can thrive. It’s time to restore high standards for new development and to emphasize comprehensive planning, so that we can maintain our high quality of life as the town grows. It’s time to act. Let’s get to work.

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Photo courtesy of David Taylor