In the 2015 Chapel Hill municipal election, I received 3,890 votes, or 12.42% of the total. This was only 300 votes short of the number needed to secure a seat on Council. Below are some of the messages I received from supporters in the wake of the election.

I am so  sorry you were edged out last night.  However, I am so impressed with what you and the CHALT candidates accomplished, in no small part due to your efforts. In linked-in parlance, I endorse you for your political skills!

I also nominate you for a new job now, chief of holding new incumbents feet-to-the-fire.    I hope it does not sound condescending to say that I am very proud of you and what you have accomplished for  the good name of Davids everywhere.

David Kiel

I’m very sorry that you didn’t get elected!!!  I hope that you still think that all your work was worth it, since overall it was a definitely a win for the challengers.

I would like for you to run in the next election and I will work on your campaign.  I think that you would add value to the council and hope that you will not give up.  I know that you are probably burned out and will need time to think about it but wanted to know that I will support you.

Debra Buck

David, you ran a solid campaign. I feel proud to have supported you.

Suzanne Haff

I share the disappointment over your own election result.   But take comfort in the fact that you have played a big part in helping to redirect the path for the next town administration.  Best wishes in being part of that, even if not holding office.

Richard Cramer

Just a note to thank you for your leadership in transforming the political landscape for our community.  I am proud to support your campaign and hope you will continue to pursue a role in our governance.

Sarah West

You were (are) my first choice for Town Council. PLEASE run again! We need you on board. You know what needs to get done. You’re a winner!

Pat Lowry

Hey David. I am so sorry you didn’t join the rest of the group in getting elected. You were a huge part of the reason that the election and campaign went the way they did. Both citizens and the council would have benefitted greatly from your extraordinary expertise. I hope you will stay involved.

Matt Czajkowski

I know that you’re disappointed–we were, too–but I hope that you can take satisfaction on an extraordinary result for a first foray into elected politics.  I hope you can also feel much pride in knowing that you created the structure that will remake town government.  We look forward to supporting you and your causes in future endeavors.

Leonard Rogoff

You fought the good fight, sir, and can hold your head up high.  The Town of Chapel Hill will be noticeably lessened without your insight and vote on the Town Council. I applaud you your efforts and hope you will continue them for the betterment of the community.

Joe Buonfiglio

I’m saving your sign to put up in 2 years and it’s going up whether you run or not but I’m hoping you run otherwise it’ll be a huge write-in effort;-)

Caroline Spencer

David – thanks for the great campaign you waged.   George and I are both disappointed you didn’t win because your qualifications and understanding of how it all works would make an excellent town council member or better yet mayor.    If you decide to run for anything in the future, please let us know and we will join the effort to get you elected.  We were glad to be a small part of a successful effort to bring change where change is needed. I plan to get on the email list for CHALT to become better informed. Good luck in all your endeavors.

Sharon Mujica and George Shepard

I know everyone is congratulating you on how much you made last night’s election results possible, and that is completely and utterly true, however, I also know that as the good politician that you are, this is very cold comfort.

As a politician’s daughter, I did think to write you, for what it is worth, that my dad won three US Congress elections, after losing the first of his tries.  I can remember as if it was yesterday him lying on the couch after that first one, in 1956, just utterly exhausted.  So this is just to say, you might consider not throwing out those campaign signs!

In any case, I know you will continue to be a very positive force in our towns life and governance, and deepest thanks for your part in a positive new direction signaled in Chalt’s victories.

Amey Miller

You ran an amazing campaign and should hold your head up high! Thank you for so much support – it put us all over the top.  I know what it feels like to run and not make it.  Be kind to yourself.  In politics it is very probable to do everything right and still not make it.  It is a fickle game.   Hug your girls and know you made a difference in our future.

Please know that you have added so much value to our town and I plan on calling on you for help with all the things we need to get right.

You were/are amazing and the entire town knows it-

Pam Hemminger

David, I hope you will continue to be a force!  We need your voice

Jacki Resnick

Congratulations on a well run campaign!  It has indeed made a huge difference in Governance in Chapel Hill-  which was the goal.
And might I say- in the words of Churchhill-  “this is not the end, it is not the beginning of the end, it is merely the end of the beginning”.  I am sure as a political rookie that you have learned many things and have learned many lessons.  Now is the time to rest and reflect on what you have learned and then apply those lessons in the future.
You now have good friends in the Mayor’s Office and on the Council. Friends who can, with your help and the help of others, really make a difference.
I am honored to be your friend. And look forward to helping you as you decide what’s next.
Andy Finkle
I am sorry about the election results re: your campaign.  Your knowledge and experience are invaluable and perhaps your unofficial presence will be even more effective.
Thank you for all of your energy and commitment to Chapel Hill.  You have helped others of us to wake up and pay attention.
Bill and I both enjoyed getting to know you a little and we will be behind you should you choose to run in the next election.
Anne Brashear

While I was pleased to see that 3 of the 4 CHALT supported candidates were elected, I was very disappointed and surprised that the most qualified and most knowledgeable candidate – you were not elected.  Clearly there are other group dynamics at work and people, as we see nationally, generally don’t vote rationally.

You can take pride in having been a key moving force in changing the Chapel Hill political landscape for the first time in a generation.

If you decide to run in two years,  and I hope you do, let me know early on and I’ll help in any way I can.

Thanks for all you’ve been doing.

Art Werner

You came so, so very close.
But thanks to your efforts in organizing CHALT we were able to get Pam, Nancy, and Jessica  whom I voted for as well as voting for you).   Thank you for turning the tide of Chapel Hill Town Hall’s past aggressive growth plans.
Johnny Mariakakis

David,  What you and the whole CHALT organization have accomplished is remarkable, and will bear fruit.  I hope you personally can take time to relax and come down gently from an enormous high you must have built up.  And be proud.  Be very proud.  The direction of town government has been changed slightly, and for the better.

Thanks for your vision and effort.  There will be more to come.
David Taylor
Thank you for all the time and work you put into this effort. I agree that you have absolutely no reason to feel dispirited. You have made some incredibly valuable contributions to this discussion about what’s important to this community that I think will resonate in the coming months.
Get some rest. You’ve earned it!
Bob Henshaw
I must say that the excitement of having Pam, Nancy and Jessica win in the elections was certainly tempered with you having lost a seat so narrowly.  Without your contribution to this campaign we would most probably not have had these results!  We are grateful to you and hope you will continue with your active participation in the years ahead.
Rose Marie D’Silva

As we celebrate the hard effort and work in this election and the results, I and SO many others are deeply disappointed you were not elected.

So many times there are things that defy logic and reason, and this is one of them. I am happy for Anderson and Oates, but you were equally and more qualified for a council position. You worked long and hard during the Central West days and during this campaign you showed passion and you ran a top campaign.

Why the Indy picked who they did and some of the other endorsements made no sense this year. My husband thinks many voters vote in alpha order and that may be a partial explanation.

I wish and wish the CHALT slate could have been a “slam dunk” but we have come a long way in a short time and have sent a clear message to our town. Whatever you do, don’t give up, the town and every citizen needs you!!

Much appreciation for your effort and the values you stand for.

Jill Ridky-Blackburn

Thanks for being such a clear and knowledgeable thinker.  Look at what your organized plans did for Chapel Hill and those of us who live here.

You should have won a seat in this government.   Now we all know what to do in 2017, when you run again to get in there and help Pam. Your excellent organization skills caused people in Chapel Hill to become aware of the many problems with the present management of the Town.

Thank you for all your hard work, which has changed much political thinking in our town.

 Kathy Harris

You rock, man! 2017 is around the corner!

Big, big hugs to you!
Deborah Finn
We just wanted to congratulate you on your effort and my husband and I were really sorry to see the results for you.
Both Tony and myself voted for you and thought you one of the most qualified.   Hope you will continue to be involved and try again – you’ll certainly have our vote and support.
Maureen Chew