About David Schwartz

P1010586David Schwartz, a scientist and educator by training, settled with his family in Chapel Hill in the 1960s, when he was less than a year old. He is a proud graduate of the Chapel Hill–Carrboro City Schools and of UNC-CH. He lived for several years in Ann Arbor, Michigan, another great college town, where he earned a Masters degree in environmental policy and a doctorate in Psychology.

After completing graduate study, he returned to Chapel Hill where he has held research, teaching, and organizational development positions at both Duke and UNC. He lives in the Little Ridgefield neighborhood along the banks of Booker Creek with his wife and two daughters. His five decades of varied experience in Chapel Hill—as a child, a teen, a college student, and a parent—inform his efforts to ensure that the Town government serves the needs of all Chapel Hill residents.

David’s civic leadership began in 2010 when he led the effort to protect and revitalize Little Ridgefield, a socioeconomically and ethnically diverse neighborhood of moderately-priced single-family homes. This effort culminated five years later in Little Ridgefield being officially designated the Town’s newest Neighborhood Conservation District.

In 2013, David joined with residents from throughout northern Chapel Hill to help improve the redevelopment plan for the new Ephesus-Fordham district. This collaborative citizen effort produced a set of recommendations that, when adopted, will ensure that the redevelopment of Ephesus-Fordham produces community benefits such as affordable housing, public recreation space, environmental protection, energy efficient construction, and support for local businesses.

In 2014, David co-founded the Chapel Hill Alliance for a Livable Town (CHALT), a town-wide civic organization whose mission is to promote responsive and accountable government that serves the public interest. Since its inception, CHALT has developed a large and growing network of Chapel Hill residents and other stakeholders who share an interest in promoting the values of transparency, economy, and stewardship. The organization serves as an unbiased source of information on issues pertaining to sustainable development and responsible governance. David has played a key role in developing CHALT’s vision for Chapel Hill.

David is also a columnist for the Chapel Hill News and a frequent commentator on local radio station WCHL.